Spring One Room Challenge: The Before

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It took me countless times going to the One Room Challenge website and debating whether to sign up this time around. I have a hard time being given deadlines when creativity is involved. Normally being told to create something by a set time results in an screeching halt to all creative juices in my brain.

For months I considered submitting our laundry room to the challenge. The laundry room is still in dire need of a revamp, but the vision for it never would settle, so I moved onto the office. But then the office kind of morphed on its on and is practically done before the challenge even started, so here we are with the final room selection. Our oldest daughter’s room.

In our last house our girls shared a room. Our house was a tiny little brick ranch and I totally played into that style going for a curated vintage feel, and trying to keep things as simple as possible because we just didn’t have much room.

Aubrey’s first real bedroom looked like this before we moved the girls into a shared room…She was so happy to have her own bedroom. For the first two years of her life we traveled perpetually as we lived overseas and followed my husband around while he worked. She had never slept in the same room for more than a couple of months in a row. Everyone that came to our house got a tour of her new room.

Then their shared room looked like this… (ignore where I had to clean mud off of Eva’s bed)

And this was when we first moved in our current house…

Since moving into this house the girls have their own rooms, and the design, or lack there of, has literally been a hodge podge of furniture and their latest favorite toys shoved in there to provide function until I could finally spend a little time pulling them together. I had a hard time finding a vision for their rooms, but I think I’ve finally got it. At least for Aubrey’s.

Here’s where we are starting…this is Aubrey’s room after she required a rearrange of furniture from the previous photo.

She has very tall 10 foot ceilings and a good amount of space. I am trying to work around the swing because it is hung on a reinforced joist above.

We are going for a vintage fairy tale masterpiece in here. Check back for the plan on how we’re going to make it happen.


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