Some Pictures Of Snow

I think some of our Southern friends believe we stay covered in snow up here in the cold Midwest. In addition to the constant inquiry of how cold it is, they can’t help but wonder how much snow we have

You see, in the South, an inch or two means a snow day. We’ll gather all the snow in our entire yard (along with a bit of mud and grass) just to try to build a snowman. And if there is more than one snow (because everyone knows better than to use snow from the first snow of the year), we will mix it up with a bit of milk and vanilla and eat our “snowcream” with joyous hearts.

Snow isn’t a common occurrence. We really have no concept of a real snowy winter. We don’t live with constantly salt and sand covered cars, and I doubt many of us own any sort of snow shovel. 

All of these things are realities in South Dakota, but much to our surprise (and possibly the disappointment of our curious friends and family), we haven’t been covered in snow throughout the winter.

Sure, we’ve had a few snows where there has been a decent amount of accumulation on our porch and yard. But we have also seen some 50 degree days that turn the beautiful white blanket into piles of gray slush. 

There are mounds of snow pushed to the sides of the road and parking lots that seem like they will never melt, but in general the streets and yards are clear. 
These pictures are from a snow we had a few weeks ago. Husband and I think it’s the most we’ve gotten in one storm, although the wind was so crazy in the storm previous it’s possible more fell but was swept away instead of laying in a solid sheet across the land.

As I type this blog I’m watching as a few flakes dance in the wind outside. We were told to expect a blizzard. Husband and I both woke up a time or two during the night half expecting to see a winter wonderland through our bedroom window. Alas, for now, the blizzard has missed us. 
Just another example of South Dakota’s unpredictable weather.

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