Some Pictures of Aubrey (because we could use some lightheartedness)

Not much of a point to this post besides overloading you with pictures of Aubrey girl. She’s getting so big. So full of personality, and takes life 90 miles per hour. 

It wouldn’t appear that way in these pictures, but she is actually a very happy smiley girl.IMG_6517 IMG_6546She loves plain greek yogurt, eggs, and Pop’s oatmeal. IMG_6550 IMG_6563 She has very little patience about things in general, and can be quite demanding, which totally fits with her very strong willed little self.  IMG_6580 IMG_6587 IMG_6588She gives really awesome hugs right now. She’s coming in for one in the picture below. I don’t think there’s anything in the world that warms my heart so. IMG_6596 IMG_6597 IMG_6603She is drawn to other kids, and loves having an audience to show off her latest tricks to. IMG_6606 IMG_6635Out of all the baby sign language we’ve worked on, the only one she has down is ceiling fan, which has about zero practical use, but if there is a ceiling fan in sight she will make sure you know it.  IMG_6818 IMG_6823We still aren’t totally sure what color her eyes and hair are. Her eyes are a blend of a few different colors and so beautiful to me. As are her lips. They are the best ever! IMG_6832 IMG_6834She loves torturing Jim by wallowing all over him and using him for a personal cushion. IMG_6836She still lets us snuggle her for bedtime story time, and I can often get a a few minutes of good snuggles into my neck, snoozing on my chest, sleepy time loving before I lay her down at night. It’s impossibly hard to put her down in those moments.   IMG_6847 IMG_6852She’s been through more change in the past year than any baby I know and has come through it with flying colors. IMG_6866I’m so beyond thankful for this little blessing. For her companionship when we have to be so far from Papa. And for giving me a reason to strive to be better every day. 

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