So What Are You Going To Do?


June 4, 2011

When telling people our plans the typical next question I get is “So what are YOU going to do in Asheville?” My job is not transferrable. Surprisingly I know, there are no major fashion retailers in the small mountain town so my expertise at merchandising and product development are little better than being able to train an elephant. Luckily my true passions don’t fall into the fashion, corporate or consumerism categories. Unluckily my passions are a little scattered with a lot more breadth than depth.

I’ve always gone through life like a whirlwind. Doing what I was supposed to do. Going to college, working meaningful internships, getting a full time job straight out of school, buying a house, getting married, growing up. And those are all great and lovely things, but I never stopped and asked myself what do I REALLY wanted to do with my life. Everything I’ve done until this point in my life has been rational, practical and calculated. And I’m grateful for what I have, but my day to day is suffocating me. My inspiration trickles from me a little at a time and a genuine smile on my face is hard to come by (especially without a few glasses of red vino in my system). I stare out the window of my little gray cube screaming bloody murder inside because I just want to feel the sunshine on my skin. I’ve come to hate consumerism and my company’s insistence on selling people more stuff they don’t need (seriously how many basic tees do you really need??). I long to do something that actually benefits the world or society or at the very least makes me happy. Something that will actually make the cogs and wheels in my brain turn and my blood pump through my veins with excitement. I just don’t know what that something is.

I’ve blogged on and off for a few years on personal and online community blogs. I’ve tackled hobbies like running and photography. I’ve planned my own and helped others plan their weddings and various events. I’ve explored the joys of crafting delicious and refined meals, and then dove into the world of vegetarianism and developed an appreciation for whole unprocessed organic gorgeous natural foods.

And all of these things have become great passions.

I love food. I love to take pictures of my food, and everything else in my life. I love writing. I love planning and hosting beautiful events. I love fitness and nutrition. I love crafting and DIY projects. But how do I turn these loves into a career? Isn’t that the key? If you work doing something you love then it isn’t work?

So the truth is, I don’t know what I’m going to do when we get to Asheville. I could get another meaningless job with money being the primary reason for going to work each day. And I may end up having to do that out of necessity. But if it is at all possible I hope to use this time to do something I love. To create some kind of career for myself based out of my passions. I have no idea what that will be. I know it won’t be easy or quick. I’m mostly likely going to need a lot of help and direction. But man the excitement is killing me!

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