Snowmaggedon Days 2 & 3

The second day it snowed through the morning, but finally cleared up after lunch. By this point we were starting to experience just a little cabin fever. You can only sleep so much. The house had gotten very cold without electricity and we had resorted to snuggling up in our sleeping bag on the couch to stay warm. My Ugg boots didn’t leave my feet the entire time. 
So needless to say, we were very excited to get some fresh air.

Poor Jean had a hack job of a haircut the week before. I think they actually shaved the poor thing. Couldn’t have been worse timing. She nearly froze to death. I carried her around the house swaddled in a blanket (I gave up on dog clothes a long time ago besides a necessary winter jacket). I didn’t want her to miss out on the fresh air so in my coat she went!

She was still shaking.

While hubs cleared us a path to the “road” I whipped up some hot toddies. 

Then we, along with everyone else on the street, spent some time outside. 

The sky was so blue!

We had a 4’+ drift covering our entire street. We realized then it may be a while before we were actually free.

My phone was dying so I used my car to charge it for a while. Glad I had plenty of gas and battery power!

Still no power at the end of day 2. We put our camp lantern to work to cook by, and husband had the forethought to save the computer power so we could watch a movie that night. Except it died with 20 minutes to go :-/
We made split pea soup, which I blended by plugging the immersion blender into my car haha!

Sometime later the next morning (Sunday) we finally got power. It was like we were in a whole new world. Snow storms are a lot more fun when there is still power, let me tell you. 
We were a bit peeved however. Husband had spent a good three hours or so digging and shoveling our entire driveway, all the way to the road. We knew at some point the plows would come through and we wanted to be able to get out to get some groceries. But we were met with about a 10′ wide, 2-3′ tall pile left by the plows. Everyone else on our street was clear but us. We called maintenance, but realized it was probably going to be a while or another day before they came back through. So we started shoveling. I ended up stripping down to my tank top I worked up such a sweat!
And finally we were clear…and we had a swimming pool.
We made a bee line for Dickey’s BBQ wanting something totally different than anything we had been able to cook. Then made a much needed trip to the grocery store. 
It was so sad to see all of the trees broken and ruined by the snow. That’s the problem with an early snowstorm, all the leaves still on the trees just catch the snow, breaking limbs and pulling the entire tree down. 
In the days to follow we saw lots of dead cows, and lots of wrecked cars (I even saw one completely covered in water!). 
If you’re listening South Dakota, that was enough snow to do me all winter! (As I sit here looking at another 2-3” that fell night before last)
We are supposed to hear about our next assignment in a couple of weeks. Pray for somewhere warm!!!

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