Boy South Dakota really outdid itself with this one.
Just when I was recovering from the blizzards last April, I get a nice little surprise at the first of October.
You know, the time when it’ supposed to be a nice 70 degrees out? With a late summer sun, lots of pumpkin, and pretty leaves?
Instead we woke up to this. Literally snowed in, with no escape. Not only were our doors blocked, they were also frozen shut. On the one hand it was a good thing the snow was so high, Husband was able to jump out of our second story living room window to clear the front door. Not that we would be going anywhere anytime soon.
He discovered his, along with everyone else’s, car buried under the snow. 
Everything was frozen solid, and the snow was still coming down!
We crawled over the snow in the back to shovel a bit and let the dogs out. We were in a mini panic to get them out to pee first thing in the morning.
I’ve mentioned that Jim loves snow before, but seriously, this dog was made for the arctic. The wind was whipping, snow was blowing everywhere, and it was freezing, but he just went for a leisurely stroll. 
There was little hope of clearing the sliding glass door, which is conveniently the main door we use (of course).
The snow was piled thick and heavy covering the entire porch. 
And sadly our best snow shovel had been left out there the night before. That was a challenge to get out!
Our neighbors yard wasn’t even visible. It’s always interesting to see where the snow drifts accumulate. They definitely got the worst of them.
Isn’t it marvelous!?
Once a path was cleared Jim got to work enjoying his all you could eat buffet. Snow is one of his most fav snacks. 

Our power flickered on and off all day before finally giving out on us that night. 
We were SOOOOO thankful we have a gas stove. I hadn’t stocked up on groceries, but we had a fair amount of goods to get us through a few days. We cooked and ate thai noodles by candlelight, played some cards, then went to bed early. 
And that concluded day 1 of Snowmaggedon.

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