Snow Hiking On Iron Creek Trail

Hope you guys are ready for some pictures. I got a little trigger happy during our first excursion through the snow covered hills.
After we grubbed on biscuits and gravy and a breakfast sandwich (and what was probably a pot of coffee between us) from the Green Bean Cafe, we drove up through Spearfish Canyon until we arrived at the Iron Creek trailhead.
Husband had intentions of searching out good fishing spots, and I was looking forward to being outside for a bit while the weather wasn’t so harsh.

This hike was unlike anything either of us had ever experienced. There were little snow swirl balls formed by the snow rolling down the banks. We were mesmerized by these. It’s so amazing the little surprises in nature.

The scenery was simply breathtaking. The beautiful contrast of the stark white snow, dark stones and water, and various green hues that peaked out and decorated the landscape, formed the most picturesque scene we could have imagined.

We found an old mine.

That of course needed to be checked out.
However Jim was not a big fan, so once he made a brisk sweep he came back out and crossed the river to watch Dad from afar.
The dogs ran in the snow to their hearts’ content.

And we meandered down the path with nothing but awe in our eyes.

The hike was an arduous one for the dogs. Although the trail was pretty packed down, the areas where hidden rodents nestled was piled high with snow.
Higher than the head of some…

and chest deep for others.

The trail was accented with snow shoe prints, snowmobile tracks, and even the two thin lines indicating someone had enjoyed a nice cross country ski through the terrain.

Taking a short break Husband tested the kindling worth of the beautiful green moss that hung from the trees, and started us a little tiny fire to warm our hands.

While some of us took some time to thaw out our paws.

We saw all kinds of animal tracks speckled throughout the blanket of snow surrounding the trail.

We made it just shy of four miles round trip. I think it was my favorite hike to date. Especially after being cooped up all winter. The fresh air felt wonderful in my lungs.

It was a surreal experience for us. North Carolina rarely, possibly never (?), gets snow like this. It was like walking through a winter wonderland. 

We finally drug ourselves off the trail, dined at Guadalajara for lunch, grabbed a brew and filled our growler at Crow Peak, then said goodbye to the weekend with dinner and a movie at home.  
By Monday afternoon we were both already talking about getting back out on the snow covered trails…but maybe with snow shoes next time.

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