Sin City

Last week Husband was sent to a conference at Nellis AFB, a.k.a. Las Vegas. And wifey got to tag along!
We won…and lost money at the Black Jack tables…
caught the pirate show at Treasure Island…

stuffed ourselves silly at the Wynn Buffet…

watched the fountains at the Bellagio
 walked the strip looking at all the famous hotels…

and enjoyed free cocktails 🙂

By the time we left my feet were covered in blisters and the slow pace of South Dakota seemed pretty inviting. Many people have asked me what I thought of Vegas. I loved the grandiose feel of the larger than life hotels and displays. It felt like an amusement park for adults, except you could play with all of the props 🙂 The rush of gambling was exciting and the glamorous over the top atmosphere was definitely invigorating. 
But we decided Vegas just wasn’t really for us. 
We are self proclaimed fruggalists and after a few rounds of lost hands or losing tones on the slot machines we were just fine with counting our losses and moving on. We didn’t really have an interest in the overpriced nightclubs and we couldn’t get over just how EXPENSIVE everything is!
We walked into one bar and the bartender asked us if we had been there before. After telling him we had not, he informed us that drinks there were $20! We then looked around to notice the game tables in that bar had a $500 minimum bet. We were clearly in over our heads.
Maybe if we had dolla dolla bills pouring out like rain from our wallets we would have felt differently, but I think we can suffice it to say one good trip to Vegas was all we needed.

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