Sarasota, Florida And Some Pictures of A Baby On The Beach

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Lucky for us, my grandparents are snowbirds. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it means they escape the cruel clutches of winter each year by setting up residence in Florida where they can work on their tans and keep their vitamin E levels up to par. 

This means we get to come visit and take advantage of a free place to stay and some great company for a few days.

My grandparents have been coming to Sarasota for 22 years this year. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, but I remember all the way back to elementary school and my parents getting a hard time from the school staff for wanting to take us out of school for a mid-winter vacation. 

Over the years we’ve developed a few favorite spots that we consider must do’s while we are in town. One is the New Pass Grill & Bait Shop. It’s a sort of hole in the wall (er rather hole by the water) nestled just next to a bridge and a major highway. It decorated to the hilt with kitchy fishing inspired paraphernalia, and people line up around the building to grub on some of their juicy delicious burgers and sandwiches. 

You can enjoy your lunch while watching boats cruise by, tours cast off, and boaters stopping in for refreshments. 

Our favorite beach to frequent is South Lido Beach. It became such when they built a big fancy building complete with bathrooms and outdoor shower facilities. At least one day during our visit we load up the car and head to the beach, and when we’ve had enough sun and sand we shower off then go in search for drink and dinner before finally heading home for the night. 


Most often dinner is had at Marina Jacks. It’s right on the water, making it an ideal location to watch the sun set and marvel at the pristine yachts making their way in for the day, all to the tune of live music, and typically some colorful dancing.


Aubrey has visited the beach before, but this was the first time she experienced it when she was really aware of what was going on. It’s pretty safe to say she loved it. 




I also learned the beach is a great place for a baby that never stops moving and exploring. Outside of them being washed away in the waves, them being covered in sand is about your biggest concern. Aubrey ran around to her heart’s content, effectively exhausting the half dozen adults in our party.


These faces kill me. That double chin. The arms. Oh my goodness! 

IMG_7531 IMG_7533



She loved the ocean (but did not love the pool later for whatever reason). And the fact that it was -15 degrees (by my calculations) didn’t seem to phase her. 

IMG_7540 IMG_7541

She even made a friend. 




But the most hilarious event, was her crawling up into one of the lounge chairs, crossing her little feet, and just taking it all in. I think I’ve taught her well 🙂



We can’t wait for next year when Papa will be with us for once! 

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