Rocking the Kids Fair & Other Weekend Activities

This past weekend was a big weekend for the Parent magazine I work for. It was the annual Kids Fair at the civic center in town, which meant thousands of children and their parents in an isolated atmosphere, a.k.a. the perfect opportunity for us to hawk some books out.
I worked the fair a few hours on Friday, then made a pit stop for pizza and wine because Husband and I couldn’t make up our minds about dinner, other than the fact that neither one of us wanted to cook.
The next day I was back at the fair.
Spending some time with these cute faces.

Afterwards Husband met me and a couple of friends at Botticelli’s for lunch. We have been wanting to try this restaurant since we moved here. In fact it was the first place we went to the night we arrived in town last April, but after reviewing the menu (and our poor attitudes) we opted for a beer and bar food instead. Man were we missing out!
I started with what I think may be my summer beer of choice this year, the New Belgium Sunshine Wheat.

The food was incredible. From the bruschetta down to this delicious pasta hubs and I shared (we had the TORTELLINI ALLA PANNA ~ Cheese Tortellini with Sautéed Cappacola 
Ham, Mushrooms and Green Peas in a Home-made Alfredo Sauce).

Husband has been talking for weeks about Jurassic Park coming out in 3D. So guess where we ended up Saturday evening?
Sunday was spent cleaning, grocery shopping, and COOKING. Meal prepping has been a HUGE help to us during the week, cutting down our dinner cooking and lunch packing time each day to like 10 minutes or less usually. But I tell ya, I feel like I get a workout every Sunday because I spend anywhere from two to four hours cooking. 
And that was all folks. We ended the night watching a movie on the couch per our usual Sunday night ritual. 

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