Resurrecting The Blog

I’ve realized that I am what I like to call a “blogging user.” I never stop thinking about blogging. I never stop reading blogs. And when I’m feeling inspired, or creative, or antsy, I bust out my camera and my Mac, and blog like a mad woman for a few months, until I get my fix. 
And then I quit. 
I decide I would rather live my life than worry about documenting every moment of it.
Although, I still take pictures.
And I still think about the posts I would write.
And eventually the yearning to blog returns. 
So, I’m back again. AND I’ve made all sorts of fun changes on the design πŸ™‚ Let’s play catch up shall we?
I left you in July. To say a lot has happened in the time that passed would be a massive understatement. So instead of boring you with my words, I’ll just inundate the blog with enough pictures to make your eyes sore πŸ™‚
July 2012
Husband pinned Captain! Hooray!!!
Jim continued to be his lazy self.

The in-laws visited and we went to Mt. Rushmore for the first time (note the key word “first” there).
And lots of fishing ensued.

And some flower picking to pass the time πŸ™‚

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