Remembering Our Wedding Day

 I know I’ve already done an anniversary post but we forgot to watch our wedding video on our anniversary night and I just couldn’t help myself from taking a trip down memory lane and remembering our wedding day.

Crying because I had just seen my Daddy
Still so in love with this bouquet

The Grand Hall of Castle Ladyhawke
Our wedding trailer by Red Leaf Films


You can’t see it but it was still pouring

Alternating tiers of swiss almond poundcake and southern cream cheese poundcake with mocha almond filling and vanilla buttercream icing.
*Husband has surprised me with a fresh top tier both years for our anniversary. So so delicious!
Handmade bird cake toppers by Ann Wood a gift from the MIL. A real wood cake stand courtesy of my Dad and sparkling champagne flutes gifted by our sweet cousins.

Dancing to That’s Amore

One of my precious grandfathers

I don’t necessarily care to relive the entire wedding. It was quite stressful. But I would give anything to wear my beautiful dress one more time (given that I could still actually fit into it) and spend a weekend in that gorgeous castle with all of our friends just one more time.

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