Rainbow x 2

On our drive home I became a super dork.
It had been raining and all of a sudden the brightest, most vivid rainbow either of us had ever seem popped up.
Then we noticed there were TWO rainbows…

One being complete, which I had never seen before. Reacting like the cool, calm person I am, I screamed for Husband to pull the car over as I scrambled for the door handle. I think I may have jumped out before he came to a complete stop.

I stood in the rain, on the side of the interstate, like a moron snapping pictures.

But I couldn’t get the entire scene in one shot. I desperately wanted a lens as wide as my head.

The we saw the end of the rainbow, that appeared to be following us as we drove. See how it’s in front of the hill?

I couldn’t get over them. They were just so so beautiful, and unique.
The light here in SD is very odd sometimes. I don’t know if it’s because there aren’t mountains to block the view or light or what, but sometimes it’s puts of an amazing glow.
Entering the main gate at the base.

The base water tower (previously mentioned here).

And that was the end of our day. Well, that and a few episodes of X Files 🙂

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