Perserving Recipes and Memories

A while back, while perusing through my list of blogs in my Google Reader I came across this beautiful presentation of treasured family recipes. Not only was the picture a great representation of the sort of modern rustic styling I love in home decor, but it sparked my interest in preserving some of my families famous recipes.
My Granny is a legendary cook. Her Sunday dinners could feed armies, and I’ve yet to meet a person who can turn down her 1/2 pie sized servings, or a jar of her homemade jelly. 
It just so happened she was coming to South Dakota to visit around this time, and Christmas was just a few months away.
Once she arrived I jumped at the chance to make my Christmas gift request.

Christmas came and went, and I carefully toted my handwritten recipes home to start my project.

And on the first free Saturday morning I found I placed them into simple frames, and tied them up with pretty little bows.
The frames were from the Dollar Store and the ribbon was a sage green jute I found at Michaels. A few staples in the back and they were ready to hang. 

Every time I look at them I think about my Granny, about the rich traditions of our family, and about those epic Sunday dinners that will forever remain as some of the most heartwarming reminders of home.

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