Painting Our Fireplace Grey

If you’ve been following along, you know that we have been spending the better part of a year remodeling  a small brick ranch style house back in our hometown. After a massive overhaul of the entire house, we have been down to the finishing touches in the past few months.

Everything in the house, down to the light switches and power outlets, was new and updated with a nice modern feel to it. Everything that is except our fireplace.

It not an ugly brick necessarily, but next to our beautiful new Ikea kitchen, and our more mid century modern decor it stood out like a dated and dirty sore thumb.

After a few months of convincing, Will finally agreed to paint it. It was my Pinterest dreams come true!

We went with a dark grey called No Limits by Sherwin Williams, per another blog tutorial I read and we are super happy with the resulting color.

That blogger suggested using brushes, and going with cheap ones as the rough brick will ruin just about any brush you use. Once everything was taped we got to dabbing and brushing.

Some tutorials we read said to start with a primer then do a coat of paint. Some just did two coats of paint. We decided to go with the latter method and it worked just fine. The first coat gets a pretty good covering as long as you use plenty of paint and take your time to really get in all the uneven grout surfaces. The second coat was more of a touch up of those rough surfaces that the brushes didn’t reach the first time.

We were able to get the first coat on in a few hours, then I applied the next coat the next day in about an hour.

Best few hours we’ve spent in a while around here.

We are in LOVE with our new fireplace. The house finally feels totally cohesive, and the grey really makes the mantel pop.

We are planning to clean out the inside of the fireplace and spray it with a high heat black paint and place birch logs in it for the summer as a little spring cleaning project.

And that’s it! A short and sweet home renovation project that was well worth the time and effort!

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  1. What color are your walls next to the grey brick fireplace? Looks beautiful!

    1. They are just the basic Behr white you buy in the 5 gallon buckets!

  2. Hi! What finish did you use for your paint on the brick? Was there a specific type you used?

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Allison! We did this project so long ago I honestly cannot remember! I do know there are specific paints made for brick and masonry. I would do some google research and talk to the paint pros!

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