Our Past Year In Posts

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As we begin our second year here in South Dakota I thought I would take a moment to review some of the highlights of our past year…in the form of blog posts that is.
Our first home in South Dakota. 
Husband’s first catch in the Black Hills streams.

Our first hike in the hills here and here.

A new kind of Memorial Day and discovering Sylvan Lake.
When I realized that having a job actually brought me a lot of happiness.
That time we built a fort in the woods at the French Creek area to hide from the rain.


When we determined that Boulder, CO was our most favorite place on earth. 
The day Husband was pinned Captain.
When we went to Hawaii for vacation and to celebrate our 3rd anniversary.

That time I fed chipmunks out of my hands.  
When we drank pumpkin beer at the Crow Peak Oktoberfest.

Our first Thanksgiving with just the two of us.


The day we decorated for Christmas.
Husband turned 27 and we went ice skating in Main Street Square.

When we went home to NC for Christmas, but were surprisingly happy to come back to SD.
Testing out the skiing in South Dakota, and spending our first night in Spearfish.

I drank the Crossfit koolaid and developed an addiction
We fell in love with snow hiking.

We found the mysterious ice caves in Spearfish Canyon.

We visited Winter Park and tried our hand at cross country skiing.

I started doing a weekly radio segment on 97.5 The Hills.

And we survived the Snowpocalypse (three times).

Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how much fits into a year. Looking back I’m pretty impressed with all of the amazing things we did and experienced. Hope our second year is even better!

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