Our Next Assignment…Merhaba Turkey!!!


Günaydin! (That means Good Morning in Turkish) Gosh it’s hard to even know where to start with this post. Most of our close friends and family are already aware that we will be moving halfway across the world, but just so the whole world knows, we are set to PCS (permanent change of station) to Incirlik AFB, Turkey this coming July.

In all honesty, everyone we had talked to, both seasoned and new in the Air Force, basically made it sound like an overseas assignment just wasn’t going to happen. Like it was impossible. Don’t get our hopes up. Some even laughed in our faces when we said we would love to go overseas next.

Oddly, knowing the call was coming any day, I woke up in the middle of the night one night and Turkey immediately popped into my mind. The next day I was talking to my friend Lu one day and I told her I couldn’t get Turkey out of my head. No rhyme or reason. And after I assured her I was talking about the country and not the deli meat, we moved on with our conversation and I forgot about my little inkling. Besides, there was no way we were getting overseas, and I had started putting my hopes (and so had Will) into getting McChord which is based just outside of Seattle.

Will missed the call the first day (the day I was talking to Lu), and didn’t get a call back until the following morning. When he called to tell me the news I was being lazy laying in bed. I think both of our first thoughts were…”huh.”

He asked me if I was excited and I told him I sort of was really excited. And he said he felt the same.

As the day went on, and lots of googling took place, we realized we would would a mere 30 miles from the ocean, a hop away from Greece, and the best part yet, his position would require him to travel every other week or so to the bases in Germany, Italy, the UK, and Al Udeid…and I get to go with if I want (on our dime of course).

I’m not sure we could have asked for a better assignment. We have traveled quite a bit through Europe but never to this part of Europe. It’s the most foreign to us assignment I think we could have gotten. The country is just stunningly beautiful with an array of beachfront resorts, ancient ruins (hello Noah’s Ark was just found there!), culinary deliciousness, and a very underutilized playground for outdoors activities.

To say we are stoked would be an understatement. Given the craptastic winter we’ve had, I spend most of my days daydreaming about the warm Mediterranean weather there and the awesome tan I plan to recoup after spending the last two plus years an unflattering shade of pasty white.

So here are some photos to help you get acquainted. If there are any of you that have been to Turkey we would love to hear any an all suggestions and recommendations!

Adana (the closest city to us, about 8 miles from base, just under 1.85 million in population!)

Nearby Tourist Must-see, Cappadocia

Hot springs about a Winter’s Park drive away at Pamukkale

I can’t wait to photograph some of these places myself! We have started taking Turkish language lessons and done what we can to expedite the grueling moving process. The next few months are going to be hectic, but man the reward! Feel free to come visit 🙂

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