Our Life In Pictures

If you are looking for a good way to consume all of your free time, and some not so free time, I have found just the thing. 
It’s called Shutterfly photo books.
Since I got my fancy schmancy camera, and started blogging, I have taken A LOT of pictures. In an effort to actually use the pictures for something other than blog posts I set out to create yearly photo books to showcase all of our “adventures”. 
Shutterfly has these lovely little themes, a whole library of embellishments and awesome backgrounds, customizable page layouts, etc…basically endless possibilities that may or may not cause you to spend whole days in front of your computer click, click, clicking away. Not that I did that or anything 🙂
Anyway, a few clicks later and I sent the order off for my self titled creations, Our Life In Pictures 2010, and Our Life In Pictures 2011. Original, I know.
I received them in the mail today, which is what made me remember to post this. I am IN LOVE with them. They are absolutely worth every penny (however shiny) they cost. I can just imagine our kids flipping through them one day thinking what awesome parents they have, and how cool we were. You know, because we are so cool that that whole outdated, make fun of your parents thing won’t happen to us.
If you have any interest in looking at them, I’ve shared them on my About Me page.
And seeing as it’s Friday, cheers to the weekend!

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