One Room Challenge Week 8: The Final Reveal!

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It’s finally here! The finale of the One Room Challenge by Better Homes & Gardens. Covid caused a lot of adjustments and adaptations to this event this time around, but I’m thankful for the bit of extra time we were allowed. Per usual this wasn’t the only room I was working on in our house and when this week arrived we were still sitting with no beadboard, trim, paint, or rug. I was certain it wouldn’t come together in time for the Thursday posts, but I’m here to say miracles do happen!

Aubrey’s Vintage Fairy Tale bedroom has come to life! I had not originally planned to get a new rug, but in one of my last minute shopping trips for finishing details I found this green beauty hiding in the clearance section at our local athome store. It had no packaging and it was the only one left so I took it to the checkout to see about the price. The girl looked up something she thought looked similar, didn’t even pay attention to the size, and I ended up getting it for $59.99. Go ahead and gasp. I’m pretty sure this is easily a $200 rug. Ecstatic with my find I rushed home and immediately set to work getting the room finished. My aunt, the angel that she is, came down two days before the reveal and helped me get the majorty of the beadboard up. I’m so thankful she did because I don’t know how I was going to manage wallowing the large 4×8 beadboard sheets around to get them cut. The trim was made using MDF ripped t 4″ pieces and topped with 2″ pieces. And with the help of a lot of caulk and strategic cuts I was able to overcome our very out of square walls and floors.

To add a bit more whimsy I covered the chain on her rope swinging chair with some faux greenery from Hobby Lobby (there are also fairy lights strung in there, because, it’s a fairy tale room!). 

The floral wallpaper worked splendidly to give the room a vintage feel. Some might say it looks like a Grandmother’s wallpaper, but to us it’s the perfect magic garden touch.

The dresser was made from two Ikea Rasts I combined, made a new top for, and refinished. It’s the perfect height for our five year old as it is, but eventually I will probably add legs to it to elevate the design and the function.  I made this faux olive tree using a branch from our yard and some faux olive stems from Hobby Lobby. I was able to make it for less than $50 which felt like a steal compared to even the most budget friendly options I found available for purchase.  I wanted this room to be a little girls dream, and I think it totally is. Heck, I would be happy to have it for myself! It’s sophisticated, yet just whimsical enough, which will hopefully make it an easily transitioned room as she grows up.

Thank you for following along these past couple of months! It is so fun to kind of get to go wild with your design when you are working on a kid’s room.

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Furniture + Decor
  • Dresser (two Ikea Rasts combined)
  • Nightstand Table – thrifted
  • Bed – gifted by Aubrey’s late Great Grandmother (who she shared a birthday with)
  • Swing Chair
  • Mirror – thrifted, similar, similar
  • Clock – I Rub ‘N Buffed this to make it look more vintage
  • Rug – found on clearance at athome, similar
  • Art – thrifted
  • Lamp
  • Curtains
Faux Greenery + Supplies

I ended up tweaking one color I had already purchased to get as close to Ashes of Roses by Behr as possible.

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  1. This is such a perfect little girls room to me. That color pink and all the details gives it a Victorian feel that I just find so precious

  2. This is a darling room. One that can grow with your daughter. But for now she must feel like a princess!

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