One Room Challenge Week 4: Vintage Floral Wallpaper


Whew am I glad this step of the One Room Challenge is over. Wallpapering isn’t all that difficult, but it’s not my favorite activity and I was dreading it! Thankfully it went up pretty seamlessly (did you catch that pun?) and was done in a couple of hours, in spite of my dull razor.

Here’s where we started. A nice blank canvas.

I followed the traditional technique this time and let my paper “book” but I’m not sure I noticed much of a difference. I also found precutting my pieces worked better than the correct method of scoring it with a razor at the end. Even with a new blade in place I was still getting tears in the paper. So I say to each their own, you get those crisp lines however you need to. 

I recorded my step by step process in my Insta stories and saved it to my highlights. If you are about to embark on your own wallpapering journey pop over to my profile for my best advice. 

I’m pleased with how it turned out. It’s a beautiful vintage floral and adds so much dimension to her room. I love how it calls attention to the 10′ ceilings, and I think once it’s combined with the pink beadboard it’s going to add a dramatic effect to our five year old’s room.  An obligatory selfie. I felt liked I needed a picture with my most dreaded accomplishment 😄.

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  1. So beautiful! I’m terrified to stray from the peel and stick stuff. Is doing it the traditional way hard?

  2. I haven’t worked with the peel and stick, but I actually think it might be easier to do the traditional just because you are able to move them around more easily and for longer while they paste is still wet.

  3. pretty paper and i have yet to address that wallpaper issue in my room. fingers crossed … that’s supposed to happen soon. still dying over your DIY olive tree and looking forward to seeing what you are up to next week!

  4. This pattern is just beautiful! Love the vintage vibe~

    1. Thank you so much! It was hard to finally pick a print and stick with it, but I’m loving this one in her room!

    1. Thank you! Checking off all of the smalls things, but excited for the beadboard and the big impact stuff to happen!

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