One Room Challenge Week 3: Finished Stripped + Sanded Bed and Paint Decisions

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Y’all! Can I say y’all on here? The4 exasperation is necessary to describe how glad I am to FINALLY be done with stripping and sanding this bed. What a never-ending project this has felt like. BUT, I learned a lot about different strippers and will definitely be able to shorten the process IF I ever decide to do this again.

Last week I got the main portion of the headboard stripped and sanded and you can read about that here. This left me with the posts to deal with. So, let’s discuss what worked and what didn’t.

I have decided I am not a fan of Citristrip. After applying it twice, letting it sit overnight (or a few nights) wrapped in plastic, I still found myself left with bunch of very hard to remove black goo. I tried using the Watco Refinisher to remove the goo, but ultimately what worked the best was this Klean Strip stripper. I brushed it on, let it set 15 minutes and then used a scraper blade and a towel to remove the old finish.
This was after the first application of the Klean Strip. And this was after the second application. Then I sanded a little just to make sure it was as clean as possible. The strippers leave a residue even when they are cleaned off well so I found I spent sanding discs super quickly and still didn’t get down to the truly raw wood. Perhaps if I had had the patience to let it fully dry back out and then sand I would have achieved different results, but this was good enough for me to apply stain so I stopped here.  Then hit the side rails with the sander and called it done. On a different subject I started considering paint this week. I love the new Sherwin Williams color of the year, Urbane Bronze. So I grabbed a sample of it and Grizzly Gray to see how they would look in our room. I am planning to add millwork to the wall behind out bed, and possibly to the rest of the room. I will be writing a post soon all about PVC moulding and why its is an amazing option for custom millwork that doesn’t break the bank.
Part of me wants to go all out and paint every square inch of this room in Urbane Bronze, ceiling, trim, doors, ALL of it. The Grizzly Gray read a little too green for me. However, currently my husband isn’t on board for taking our room totally dark and moody. I’m still working on him, and on a possible collaboration with Sherwin Williams so this is to be determined…And that wraps week 3 of the One Room Challenge!

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