On The Open Seas

When we visited Mexico for our honeymoon a new friend we made took us out on the Hobie Cats.  I’m TERRIFIED of sharks.  Like on a freakish level, so the thought of going out on a tiny excuse for a catamaran didn’t exactly sound like a good time.  Husband however became a man obsessed.
Last year when we returned he was determined to drive one himself.  I had already made it clear that I would not be riding with him at least not on his inaugural trip.  He got his lifejacket buckled on, hopped on the hobie cat and waited for the instructor to hop on.  Instead he pushed husband out into the waves with a smile and waved goodbye.  Luckily there wasn’t much wind that day so instead of zipping off to sea Husband kind of floated around getting his sea legs and figuring out the boat.  The next go around I agreed to ride.
This year it was Clint’s turn to captain his first mate on the open seas.
Quality hats Husband scored at the last yard sale

Our first trip out was a success.  Husband even let me take a turn at the rudder…

Outside of having the hobie cat attendants ride out and yell at us about going over our allotted 30 minutes we had a blast.
I did keep an eye out for sharks.  And even worked up the guts to stick our waterproof camera down in the water to see if I could snap any wildlife.  Nothing.  Although Cliz did spot a tortuga! That spanish for turtle 🙂 

A few days later we wanted to take a hobie cat cruise for four.  I wish I could blame it on the lack of wind, but when there were other couples whizzing by us there was no other excuse except that we had two many land lubbers on the small boat…and we were not going anywhere, anytime soon.
Clint barely survived.

But it at least offered a good time for photo ops…

We got yelled at again when after languishing just off shore for a good half hour Liz and I jumped ship (can you BELIEVE I jumped in the ocean water where I couldn’t even touch??!!) so the guys could get the boat in.  Apparently they don’t condone using the hobie cats as your own private leisure craft.

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