New Year’s Non-Resolutions

I mentioned previously my normal zest for kicking off the new year with a slew of well-planned and thought out resolutions just didn’t happen this year. But when I sat and thought on that a bit more I realized that although I don’t have a list of normal resolutions, nor a predictable schedule or life in the coming year, that doesn’t mean there aren’t little goals that I’ve been working toward. So I came up with this list of non-resolutions. Mini-goals, or a bucket list for this year shall we say?
1. Get carry concealed permit – everybody’s doing it!
2. Go snowshoeing
3. Go ice fishing – this one’s going to be tough since there is no where to rent an ice shack or equipment
4. Visit Fort Collins – Two words, New Belgium beer…ok make it three 🙂
5. Go spelunking – we have great caves right down the road
6. Learn Adobe Lightroom – already ordered it and have started watching tutorials
7. Visit Yellowstone
8. Visit Seattle/Portland
9. Complete 50 regular pushups (chest to ground) in single set
10. Complete 25 kipping pullups in single set
11. Perfect home-brewed kombucha technique
12. Get back to juicing regularly – I juiced almost every day for the first half of this year and I have totally gotten out of the habit. I miss it!
13. Meet our savings goals for the year
And in general I plan to try to step it up on the fitness front. I know I can be pushing harder and I want to look back at this year and know that I gave it everything I had.
What are your new year’s non-resolutions??

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