My Hamstrings Are Screaming


As I type this I am rubbing ActiveOn ALL OVER my body.  Moving is hard.  Whine, whine, whine…

Ok I’ll stop there.   We are down to a little less than one room of stuff let to move.  We’ve made a trip to Asheville, unloaded a truck, trailer and two car loads and we are PRAYING that we are only one truck and trailer load from being done.  With any luck we will be back in Asheville for good by tomorrow night. In the meantime we’ve got a stock-up trip to Trader Joe’s, a fence repair and at least an afternoon’s worth of cleaning on our to do list in case the moving isn’t enough 😛

Last night we celebrated our first unloading with a pot of homemade vegetable soup fresh from the garden. Not that the pounds of guac and unlimited seafood were anything but amazing last week, but my slightly pudgier tummy is looking forward to a few weeks of garden fresh veggies.

I know these moving posts are getting boring but I promise within a day or two, when my arms and hands have recovered from the strain and bumps and bruises there will be pictures and things of actual interest.

Thanks for sticking with me!

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