My Experience With Cauliflower Crust Pizza

I’ve seen a number of pins on Pinterest for cauliflower crust pizza, and since I’m always on the lookout for a way to cut some carbs out of my favorite carb-loaded dishes, I was all for giving it a shot.
All of these pics were taken at night so I apologize for the crappy lighting.
I used this recipe, which looked simple enough, although I did have to double the recipe to get enough “dough” to make an adult sized pizza. Not sure what two, clearly pea-size stomached, adults the original recipe supposedly fed.
All you have to do is rice a head of cauliflower (I did mine in the food processor, and couldn’t believe how easy it was!), mix in an egg, cheese and some spices, then spread it out in a circle on your pan.

Bake it at 450 degrees until its browned.

Add your precooked toppings and more cheese (you can never have too much cheese in my opinion).

And broil until it has reached melted, slightly browned, bubbly perfection.

My only complaint was that the crust was not really sturdy enough to be picked up and eaten. I used an air bake pan hoping it would help it get crispy enough, but apparently the mound of veggies I piled on top was just too much for it to handle.

The flavor was incredible though!

And now that I know how easy it is to “rice” cauliflower, it may just become a side dish staple at Chez Jamison.

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