Mr. Jim Goes On A Walkabout

We are very blessed to have a massive back yard. Well, we call it our back yard. Our actual back yard is rather small and fenced in, with dying grass that can hardly stand up to the torture that is two dogs.
But back to our “back yard”. Just pass the chicken wire-esque fence, there is a large field of flowing amber waves of grain weeds, and the Chew LOVES getting out there and stretching his legs.

Many times in the afternoons, or in this case Sunday evening, Husband and I will take a stroll, enjoy a beer, and let the dogs run to their hearts content. At times it’s just as much as release for us as it is the dogs because it allows us to talk about our day, unwind, and reconnect.

And there’s a tunnel for Mr. Jim to run through.
See Jim run.

Crazy face.

This lazy Sunday after watching our church online (I’ll explain this later) we ventured out just long enough to get some grocery shopping done, then came home to piddle in the kitchen. I made homemade seitan (my first time), Husband put his wild yeast to work making bread (we also enjoyed sourdough waffles all weekend), and as I type this potatoes are boiling away in prep for a dinner of smashed potatoes, a roasted tomato and bean salad, and BBQ seitan. Folky tunes are emanating from the computer, filling our home with a bit of an Asheville vibe thanks to WNCW’s online radio station. The sun is working it’s way into the horizon and with it taking the last bit of the weekend. 
Whatever you are doing, and wherever you are, I hope today allows you a few minutes to stop, relax, and welcome the tomorrow with a refreshed attitude. Today I’m thinking that is exactly what this Sunday afternoon was made for.

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