Moving In – Incirlik Air Base Housing


Incirlik Air Base HousingWhen we were told the housing office didn’t have a house ready for us, we automatically prepared ourselves to go literal months living in lodging. You learn that things in the Air Force can move very slow, we’re talking at a glacial pace, so in general it’s best to assume the longest scenario and if you are pleasantly surprised, it’s just that much better. I was just hoping we would get a house and have our household goods delivered before Will left to come meet me in Germany so that we would hopefully at least have our nursery and baby stuff in the house, albeit not assembled or ready in any way.

Even when Will told me he had talked to the housing office our first day here and had been informed it might be possible we would be in a house come Friday (just two days away), I sincerely had my doubts. It seemed pretty far fetched that they would find us a house, have it cleaned, and arrange for the loaner furniture to be put in, in just two days time. 
But this is what I guess for assuming. Here it is, Friday afternoon, and not only am I in our house with the loaner furniture as well as linens and dishes in place, but I have also had the time to run everything through the dishwasher, eat lunch, empty my luggage, buy a few supplies to get the house running until the rest of our stuff gets here, take a nap, and write this blog. This house, like the running theme of this move, happened so fast I can barely believe it’s for real. 
So for those who are curious, here are our new digs. We were placed into a three bedroom house. Bless the good Lord our house is one of the recently renovated ones, so after two years of trying to scrub hard water build up off of 1970’s faucets, battle orange/almond colored countertops that stained on impact, and deal with cabinetry that was probably original to the antiquated home we lived in in South Dakota, I am very, very happy to admire the sparkling faucets, marble countertops, large bathtubs, tile flooring (Man how I hated the carpet in our old place! Jim’s hair and carpet DO NOT mix.), and brand new cabinets and closets. 
The kitchen is a dream compared to our house in SD. I actually have an ample amount of counter space to work with, and lots of cabinets. Not to mention the dishwasher seems to work very well. 




Living Room
We have a fenced in back yard and partially covered patio that has me already daydreaming about finally being able to put some mileage on our grill and fire pit, and enjoying being able to sit outside and enjoy a refreshing beverage (once the baby is born of course). Between our tiny deck and the unpredictable weather in SD our best chance at any time outside around our house was when Will got home early enough for us to take the dogs on a quick walk in the field behind our house. 




A guest bedroom, soon to be nursery
The bathrooms all have new tubs that are significantly larger than what we had before, and shower heads with long hoses that will make giving Jim a bath SOOOO much easier.





The layout of the house is a little odd, and the rooms are definitely smaller than what we had, so some creative thinking is going to have to go into figuring out how to fit our giant king bed, two nightstands, and a dresser into the master bedroom. Our farm table may also be questionable in the small dining room area. But overall I really like our house. The dogs seem to be happy here, both are napping away peacefully as I type. There are tons of kids and people walking around and playing outside which is kind of a new and comforting experience compared to SD. I’ve already thought multiple times how it’s kind of sad our little one isn’t already here and old enough to remember all of this. I didn’t grow up in a neighborhood so I never had the experience of running around playing outside with the neighbor kids. Hearing and watching the children living it up at the park behind our house makes me hope that our child does get that opportunity. Although I will admit, the screaming children and people frequently passing by our house and backyard had Jim on high alert. He has got some de-sensitizing to do or he is going to be a very busy dog. 

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