Move That Truck!


As Husband put it, we feel like we’ve been beaten.  Four days of moving, three truck loads, three trailer loads, and a car load later we are officially moved.  At the end I backed my way out of the house, mopping as I went, and for a few moments I just sat in the living room and tried to recall memories from every room in the house.  It was funny the things that came to mind.  Husband and I slowly (as in like two weeks or more) painting the upstairs room a beautiful sage green.  My entire family coming down and helping me strip pieces of wall paper off, little half inch strips at a time before we repainted the whole house when I first moved in.  Sitting by the firepit in the back yard with friends talking the night away.  Spending Sunday nights eating take out on our bed trays watching TV and stating that we needed to do that EVERY Sunday night forever.  Sitting in the garden tub sipping cocktails and conversing about life.

I’ll admit I cried.  I felt it was silly to do so but nevertheless tears welled up in my eyes and I couldn’t help myself.  I had so many hopes when I bought that house.  So many aspirations for my life.  And it’s not that things haven’t played out in a better way than I could have planned or hoped for, but they are definitely different and I am a different person than I was when I received the keys.  I am sad to leave it and not know what will happen to it.  I wish I could leave it knowing it was in good hands, or at the very least that someone would make sure it is looked after.  Husband made me get out and take some pictures as we left.  I think he was doing it mostly to distract my mind so I would quit crying, it worked except that I was then sad that the only thing I had to take pictures with was my phone.
We made it almost all the way home before the rain started pouring down.  The weather was fitting to my mood.  Bittersweet.  The sun was shining brightly and the barn and farm were beautiful yet rain was showering everything.

Life moves on my friends.  And I think there is no better way to feel about it than bittersweet.  We can always hope that the past was good enough to miss and that the future is bright enough to be excited about.

Moving Tips:
1. However many boxes you think you will need – DOUBLE it
2. The bubble wrap with a sticky backing is a life saver
3. Find a happy medium between strategizing your available space vs. getting things done
4. Be prepared to haul off at least a truck load if not two or three of trash
5. Pack a suitcase with at least a week’s worth of clothes and toiletries because your house becomes a hotel essentially
6. Take pictures and remember your sweet home
7. Have cleaning supplies such as Clorox Wipes, Floor cleaner, Soft Scrub and Bleach at the ready.
8. Three words: Foam Roller & Ibuprofen

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