More Pictures of Balloons…Because They are THAT Pretty

On our last morning Will got up to get another look at the balloons floating over the town while I decided to stay in bed.

I’m so glad he did.

The light was perfect.

Illuminating the rainbow of floating carriages.

The clouds painted the perfect background.

Some of the balloons were just taking off from the hill in the distance.

And as the sun came up, the land lit up really showing off it’s natural beauty.

I don’t think a view like that ever gets old. (BTW, that is our terrace just up those stairs there)
For those who are curious, the balloon rides last about an hour, but from the time the company picks you up from your hotel, to the time they drop you off, it takes about 3 hours. The baskets can hold up to 20 people, but for a price, you can arrange for more private tours. Many of the balloon companies offer a buffet breakfast prior to the flight, and almost all celebrate a successful flight and landing with champagne at the end.

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