Mojitos For Breakfast

By the following morning we were settling quite nicely…
At the risk of sounding like lushes, being at an all inclusive resort one of the challenges is determining not only how to get your money’s worth of food and drink but also how to drink basically all day every day without a) being wasted by 3:00 in the afternoon and spending the evening in your bed and b) not getting tired of the drinks before the day was through.
The Excellence has bloody mary’s and mimosas basically on tap at breakfast, a number of bars scattered throughout the resort, 24/7 room service and cocktail waiters circling the pool area, and your mini fridge comes completely stocked with beer, soda and waters.
We found shortly after arriving that they specialized it two drinks that suited our fancy.  Mojitos and fresh made magaritas (fresh lime juice, no mix).  So after breakfast we started each day with a round of mojitos, and then later changed to three margaritas and a mojito for myself as our first pool drink of the day.

Our schedule then followed a pattern: Mimosas or bloody marys for breakfast, mojitos and margaritas for our first drink, coronitas from the mini fridge pre lunch, negro modelos with lunch, pacificos/mojitos/crown & coke at the swim up bar post lunch, shower nap and a pot of coffee, tequila and champagne cocktails at the Martini bar pre-dinner, then whatever drink fit the bill with dinner, and if we had the energy we would hit up the Allegria bar to dance the night away.

Life was tough…

but somebody had to do it 🙂

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