Managing Through A Rut

We all have them. Those days, or even weeks (who am I kidding…months!) where things are just off. Your mood is off. You are fighting to find motivation to do something, anything productive. Like working out, keeping up with your blog, staying on top of things around the house, or just being a good friend. But the drive just isn’t there. In fact, you’re not quite sure where your drive has vacationed to. It’s like you are being sucked into a black hole.
I hate to admit it, but this has totally been me these past couple of weeks. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. Life in general is pretty darn good. I finally have a job I love, I’ve made a few new friends, I’ve been eating really well, and up until I crashed I was right on with my workout plan. I’m healthy. My husband loves me. And the sun rose today, along with a chorus of chirping birds. So what the heck is my problem?
I’ve come to realize there isn’t always a problem, although if I was going to pick one out I would blame this stupid cold and snowy weather (over it!) that won’t seem to leave. No, sometimes you just find yourself in a rut. A big, fat, ugly, two-week-old-moldy-sock type of rut. And in that case, or in my case anyhow, the only thing to really do about it is to keep pushing and give it some time. 
So how have I handled my rut? 
I started by acknowledging that I had entered said rut. The first step is admitting you have a problem right? Once that was established, I accepted that in spite of my two futile attempts to continue working out like normal (both done with less than half a heart which is my book generally equals worthless), I was going to be taking somewhat of a break from the gym until I got my act together. 
At this point I had to set some limits for how low I was going to let my rut take me. I’ve worked too hard and for too long to throw my health and happiness away. So, although I decided to give myself a little gym reprieve, that didn’t mean I was going to give up all of my healthy efforts. My diet remained consistent, and I set a goal of 200 squats a day along with some push ups. If I was going to be lazy, I was going to at least keep the laziness to the bare minimum. 
The next step involved doing some talking with Husband. Every now and then you need a good catch up sesh with your significant other. Not a, “Hey how was your day,” but rather, a few long conversations that dive into those deep dark places you like to keep concealed away. 
Then I had to take a step back. I decided I needed to give myself a break too. Sometimes life is just too much, even when it’s good. There can be too many emotions (even happy ones), too many thoughts, too much action, just TOO much. Living up here in South Dakota away from friends and family means not only do Husband and I spend almost every waking minute together, but the isolation leaves you stuck with no one but you and your thoughts and feelings. There isn’t really any space to breathe and just live in the quite for a while. Anyone who has had a whole day or whole afternoon to just sit, read, nap, and watch chick flicks will understand what I’m talking about here. When life is moving at 90 mph and there’s no time for a little reflection and relaxation, it’s a recipe for disaster for someone like me. Those thoughts and overwhelming emotions create a cacophony of noise in your head and in your heart.
So I’ve been taking it easy. And now, sitting here today I feel like I’m starting to see the light again. I’m still not totally there, but I feel like I’m getting back to where I need to be. 
Every rut is different. Sometimes it’s easy to determine what the trigger is, and other times it hits you blindly leaving you wondering what happened. My best advice is to address it head on. Let it run it’s course, and develop a plan for getting past it. Even the worst of ruts can be turned over with one good day, one good workout, or even one good laugh that knocks them back into their place.

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