Let’s Play 20 Questions

We’ve been settled into the barn now for a few weeks. Work has commenced and is going pretty well I think. I wouldn’t say we have gotten into a good routine necessarily, but we never really intended to have any kind of routine while we are living here.  While we are here life is all about doing anything and everything we can to live it up and that often means off-kilter schedules and spur of the moment activities. Except for three things that seem to happen with regularity. Egg scrambles, the deck, and hot air balloons.

These beauties stop by at least once a week and no matter how many times I see them I can’t help but feel they are like magic floating in the air. Just beautiful!
So on with the point of this post. I started this blog with a plethora of intentions. I think I’ve remained true to most of them. Mainly being that I wanted to not have any intentions other than just talking about our life here in the barn and the beautiful town of Asheville. I have posted fewer recipes than I would have liked to but we have been eating out at local restaurants more than I expected and I’m ok with that. It’s all part of the experience Clark (<–Christmas Vacation quote there).
We have received quite a few questions since moving back here. Things like:
What’s it like moving back home?
How is it being next door neighbors to your in-laws?
What’s it like working from home? Are you always distracted?
It seems like you are living a honeymoon is that what it’s like?
When I created this blog I made a strong decision that although I wanted to share our lives with readers, and obviously hoped that it’s something worth sharing and that will be enjoyed by all, but at the end of the day this blog is for me. It’s a place for me to share my thoughts, focus on my hobby of photography and to document this beautiful time for our family.
With that being said, now that I have a few readers I can’t help but be interested in what you would like to know about me, about us, about living in the barn or Asheville, or just random somethings that cross your mind. AND I hope to encourage some interaction.  I want to know who YOU are!
So, let’s play 20 questions. Either leave me a comment, send me an email, or for any of you that find me regularly through Facebook hit me up there with any questions you’ve been thinking of. I’ll have a follow up post in a few days addressing what I can. I look forward to hearing from all of you!

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