Leaving You Hanging & Fitness Talk

I’m sorry to leave you guys hanging. Even Husband himself got on me last night for not posting in a couple of days…and not having pictures, which is the only time he considers a post to be good. I reminded him that we haven’t taken any pictures to post. Somehow I just don’t think you guys would enjoy seeing us in the same pajamas we wear everyday, with unbrushed hair, just chilling in the barn. Let me know if I’m wrong about that one 😉

Truth is, between working (which also involves quite a bit of blogging these days), making time for the gym, running errands and the constant battle to keep this barn in a state of acceptable tidiness, I keep running out of time. I started a post about packing lunches the other day that I’ve been chipping away at for three days now without finishing. I promise it’s coming!

This week Husband went deer hunting again, but came home empty handed. His gun misfired twice…we don’t want to talk about the mood he was in when he got back. While he was gone I held down the fort here on the farm…all alone…in the cold dark night…and tried to leave the Christmas tree on for some comforting light…which kept me from sleeping. Needless to say I slept like a baby when he got home last night and woke up from a coma-like sleep this morning. That doesn’t speak well for the upcoming months of lonely nights.

I was, however, proud of myself for sticking with my fitness regime this week in his absence. I even busted out the Kenpo X DVD from my P90X collection yesterday. I’m considering adding a workout log page to the blog, does anyone have interest in seeing that? Mostly for me to keep track of my workouts since it’s easy to forget to write them down in my handy notebook, but I also thought we could help keep each other motivated. What do you think?

Since we started going to the gym here I’ve been doing more strength training than I’ve ever done before. However in the past few weeks I’ve been bitten by the running bug again and am now struggling to find the balance between running and weights. It’s so easy for me to get a good run in and feel like it’s a sufficient workout, which it is, but I have actually seen some physical progress from the strength training and I don’t want to lose it. When we first started we were going to the gym three days a week and I would spend one day doing bi’s, tri’s and shoulders. Day two would be chest and back, and day three would be legs. Then we would devote one or two days a week to running. As the weeks have worn on, and the temperatures have dropped, we have slowly begun spending all of our days at the gym, and I have slowly decreased the amount of weights I’ve been doing and replaced it with doing speedwork and abs (we are only at the gym for about 45 minutes to an hour so I usually run out of time to get everything in the way I would like to). I have a goal to run a 5K in 27:00. That goal may not sound very impressive to many people, but to me it is a big accomplishment. My best time so far was 27:34.

So, while Husband is gone I hope to get back into the routine we had before, or some version thereof, AND reincorporate some yoga back into my workouts. I miss it so!

Tell me about your fitness plans!

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