Lazy Weekend

This weekend ended up being a big bunch of nothing. Not that it wasn’t a good one, we just didn’t have any glamorous plans, and being sick meant little energy to do much.
Friday we piddled around the house (read: I napped until Husband got home from work trying to sleep off my stuffy head).
Husband introduced me to Jameson whiskey (why have I never tried this stuff before???).

We had a make-shift pasta dinner because I didn’t feel like cooking.

Saturday we transferred last week’s beer to the secondary fermenting bucket…

Then went to Hill City to treat ourselves to a little German food for lunch. Everything was already decorated for Christmas. Crazy!

Our favorite, the weinersnitchel with a side order spaetzel.  

Husband had read about an event at the Prairie Berry winery where you could make Christmas cards for soldiers in Afghanistan while sipping wine. It sounded good enough, but we ended up not getting there until the event was over and I was fighting random sneezing attacks. So we did the free tasting, bought an ornament, and went back home.

But not before stopping for a quick few minutes to let the dogs stretch their legs at Sheridan Lake.

And maybe Husband needed to stretch his legs as well 🙂

And some swimming of course.

Possibly finding prairie berries?

Then stopped by for a quick drink with a friend downtown.

Sunday I dragged Husband to the movie theater to see Breaking Dawn 2, then we retired to the house and made curried butternut squash soup to end the weekend. 

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