Lake Pactola

The latter part of our Saturday was spent sunning on a rocky bank at Lake Pactola.
There isn’t much to report of our activities, as they pretty much just involved shedding our pasty skin a bit, fishing, eating, reading, and napping.
What is worthy of noting is the awe-inspiring hue of the water. 
The lake isn’t developed, at all, thanks to the protective umbrella of it’s national park status. And the bottom is free of mud, and instead comprised of slate rock. The water is perfectly clear, and puts off the most beautiful blue-green color. 
I think I annoyed Husband with how many times I remarked at it’s beauty.

We didn’t realize there wouldn’t be sand or dirt or some sort of cushy grass to lay on, so we depended on makeshift layers of a blanket we keep in the car and the beach towels we brought to create a soft place to rest our tushes. 
Then we commenced the relaxation.

Enjoying this view for hours on end.

Unless this view interrupted of course.

Or an ear scratching was needed.

Husband skipped rocks, and Jeannie barked her head off at them. 

A few small fish found their way to Husband’s line.

Jim swam.

Then the bathing beauty dried out on the beach 🙂

Please note his soaking wet, shedding self, conveniently plopped down right on our blanket.

The sun was starting to head for the horizon so we “bathed” in the ice cold water, packed up, and left. But not before stopping for a few photo ops.

But once again our Saturday wasn’t over. The pictures, however, were. On our way home we opted to use up a coupon we had procured at the farmer’s market earlier that day to try out a new tapas restaurant downtown. We sipped on hard cider and a local brew, and dined on delicacies like cod fritters and a sort of potato and olive oil frittata. And because Husband’s sweet tooth is always present, we made a pit stop at the grocery store for chocolate chip cookie supplies.
It felt as if we somehow squeezed two days into one. It was long, but slow and relaxed, and the mere definition of a perfect Saturday.

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