Lacey Bras & Dolla Bills Y’all

There was a time when I think Husband and I shared a vision of our future that involved fancy dinner parties, a mansion-esque home, luxurious holidays abroad and maybe a vacation home to two in some exotic place.  Of course that was all prior to a collapsed economy and the hard reality that the law profession was no longer one where money or even in some cases a career was to be made.
When asked these days what kind of financial stability I would like to have, my perception of the lavish life or even a comfortable life has changed somewhat drastically from the lofty aspirations we once dreamed up.
For any of you that don’t already know I write product descriptions as part of my job. All day long I sit with a sometimes endless queue of product tasks in which I am supposed to describe whatever it is in a beautiful light that will make you want to scoop it up faster than you can find your wallet.  My work is really beside the point in regards to where I’m going with this though. What I’m getting at, is today one of the products that came through was a delicate and sexy little lace bralette. 
It looked so pretty and so feminine and I couldn’t help but sit there and imagine how absolutely beautiful it must feel to wear something so dainty.  My intimates drawer is piled full of practical pieces. I own one red bra in a sea of nude and black ones that I’ve deemed necessary and rational for every day wear. 
You may be asking yourself where do financial stability and lacy bras come together?
When I now think about what I consider to be a comfortable place financially or rather the financial stability in which I aspire to…it involves lacy bras. To be more clear I want to reach a point where I don’t have to only buy things out of rational practical logic. I want the freedom to buy frilly totally unnecessary things that have no other purpose than making me feel beautiful and happy. I want to be able to run away for a spur of the moment romantic weekend getaway with Husband to some never-heard-of small town just because. I want to buy fresh flowers every week to inspire smiles and nonsense decorations celebrating every holiday.
Sure I would love grandiose luxury yachting vacations through the Mediterranean and a gigantic home filled with the nicest things, but the everyday luxuries that make life rich seem so much more important at this juncture in my life.
What is your lacy bra equivalent?

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