And Just Like That, We Have A 2 Year Old

In some ways I feel every day of these two years that have passed. 


Experienced moms aren’t kidding when they use the term “the days are long, but the years are short.”img_9062

One day your in the trenches of breastfeeding a little nugget that needs your never-ending attention, and the next they are running around demanding to watch “Lady Gog” (Lady and the Tramp) for the millionth time.img_9065

Every word she learns amazes me. img_9066

Every little hug or kiss she gives unprompted feels a bit like heaven on earth. img_9070

These days she loves TV, of any kind – Disney movies, animal documentaries, you name it, and as much as we loathe her sitting like a zombie in front of the screen, it’s been kind of fun to go back through all our favorite classic movies. img_9071

She also loves jumping on the trampoline (and being a “jumping bean”), chasing Jeannie dog in circles, ice cream, reading books – especially the same ones over and over again, trying to go “night night” in mama/papa’s bed, and taking my Granny’s dog Essie on walks down the road. img_9080 img_9084

She’s a little crazy, a whole lot curious, and a beautiful challenge in every way. img_9086 img_9088

We can’t wait to see the kind of big sister you will be miss Aubrey Eleanor. The moments around when we brought you into this world are some of the fondest we have ever had. Two looks good on you sweet girl! img_9091

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