Jake The Snake

As with any new place there is a period of gradual nesting.  Remember the patio table of happiness I bought a while back?  It was finally assembled and now graces our deck.  Quite beautifully I think.
So far we have enjoyed breakfast, beers with friends and this morning I actually worked over breakfast at our new table.  I’m pretty much in love with it.
Jeannie is in love with the deck and the wonderful sunlight that shines on it every day.

Our little farm has quite a bit of livestock. On top of the cows, the bee hives and the fish we now have four resident dogs that call the farm home: Jim Chew, Jeannie dog, Beagle Bailey and…
Jake the Snake.
You may be wondering why Jake deserves a post all to himself.  I would simply answer that Jake is a legendary dog.  He is getting old so his ability to splash around in the pond, chase the golf cart, or really just gracefully lay down on his favorite spot on the porch have become activities of difficultly.  But that doesn’t mean he lets it stop him.

We had a fish fry last Saturday night and while the boys casted and waited watching their lines in the pond, Jake swam laps through the algae covered water and emerged with a rear end covered in green.
He is a stubborn, huge, sweet and absolutely perfect specimen of a dog.

And a fantastic example to the rest of these mutts we’ve got running around here 🙂

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