It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I feel like some years the Christmas spirit just seems to seep from the air and makes the holidays feel magical. And then there are some years that no amount of Christmas Vacation watching, tree decorating, or cheerful Christmas songs that can spark the Christmas fire in my heart.
This year however has been a total toss up. So far Husband and I have had a couple of nights, basking in the glow of our beautiful Christmas tree, and reveling in the music that is the Pandora Christmas station blaring through the house. But on the day-to-day, I’m just not in the mood.
I actually flipped to another channel yesterday when a Christmas tune came on the radio. I told myself that I would get in the spirit once we got to North Carolina for Christmas.
Last weekend Husband and I made an attempt to get our poor, cabin fever ridden dogs out of the house for a bit. We drove back to the little park area we discovered when we went Christmas tree shopping. And just like that day, the creek was FULL of ducks. Seriously. I’ve never seen so many ducks in one place in my entire life.
So naturally I took 5,275,220,081 pictures of them 🙂

Except that my zoom lens is a hand-me-down lens from my Mom, and the auto focus no longer works. Every time I think I’ve got it manually focused to perfect clarity, I’m so wrong.

Husband hasn’t gotten to do much any fishing since the weather started turning cold, so he brought his pole along.

Unfortunately between Jim’s unending curiosity (and swimming) and the ducks, it proved to be a much harder task than it was really worth.

Deciding our afternoon braving the elements had come to an end, we headed to the grocery store for some dinner supplies, then at the last minute stopped by Wobbly Bobby’s for a beer, and a 5 second stroll to take in the lights and ice skating rink at Main Street Square.

It’s hard to not feel a little bit of the Christmas spirit with the town dripping in twinkle lights and Christmas songs blasting over the loud speaker.

We planned to make a trip back to test out our skating skills next weekend.

The rest of the weekend was pretty boring. 
I did test out a new scalloped kohlrabi recipe.

The flavor is great, but I’ve got to work on the method. I’ll report back when I’ve found success.

Gratuitous snow picture from the biggest snow we experienced so far.
In NC it would have definitely earned us at least 3 days off of work and school, but alas, we are now in South Dakota. So, we bundled up and clocked in the next morning.
These days kind of feel like we are in a holding zone. Christmas and going home is so close, yet we still have to go through the motions. I’ve been trying to do Crossfit every day, and Husband is finding himself still having to put in long hours at the office. But in two short weeks we will hopefully be landing in the God’s country and enjoying some much needed time in those beautiful NC mountains with our family and friends. If that isn’t the best Christmas present, and a straight shot of Christmas spirit, I don’t know what is!

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