I Swear!

Sorry for the small hiatus. We’ve had a few exciting things going on but not much I would consider too exciting for you to read and the last thing I want to do is bore you 🙂
To catch back up here’s a run down of our recent happenings…
Last Friday Husband was officially sworn in as a licensed North Carolina attorney.
William gave his moral support
Afterwards we dined at Fiore’s (pretty good food but not very big portions for the money) and then headed down to Charlotte.
Saturday we literally had to peel ourselves out of the bed for the yard sale. Unfortunately it was pretty slow compared to the ones in the past. I suppose the surprisingly frigid temps didn’t exactly put people into a junk browsing mood. Fortunately we still made a couple of hundred bucks for our troubles, drank a few mimosas and bloody marys to ease the boredom and then munched on pizza.
Then Husband drug me to Bass Pro to find some waders and boots so his little toes won’t be wet and cold fly fishing this Fall. Not that I don’t want to be there to love and support Husband in all of his activities and passions, but there are few things as boring as shopping for fishing gear as far as I’m concerned. I even tried reading a book about various fishing spots in the U.S. I couldn’t even stay focused on one paragraph so I resorted to playing Drop Word and Facebooking until it was time to go.
That night we visited a new piano bar in Concord, had a beer then went back to my aunt’s and watched Oh Brother Where Are Thou till we fell asleep.
Sunday we went to check on our house. I have to say we thought it looked pretty darn good. I was expecting big muddy foot prints, moldy toilets and a general mess considering it’s been a month and a half since we’ve been there. Much to our relief it was still pretty clean and outside of a musty smell from all the windows being closed constantly it looked the same as the day we left.  We threw open the windows and freshened all of the curtains. We received positive feedback from the showing Saturday and have another showing this tomorrow. Hopefully the luscious smelling air fresheners I placed strategically around the house will lure new owners in by the nose.
We grabbed lunch from Pei Wei (my mouth watered in anticipation) and sat on our deck for lunch. Sitting there it felt as if everything was normal. Like nothing had changed. But then I looked at Jim sitting on his favorite corner and thought about the view of the fence vs. the view of the mountains and cow pasture. And then I thought about the emptiness of our home and of our life in general in that place. It was both a little sad and a little relieving to embrace the feeling of knowing we made the right decision to move.
It’s odd to think that we could have built a life there. There are more jobs opportunities for Husband there, I had a secure job and we owned a home. We had all the makings of a normal stable life. It’s just too bad that to us it was a life that would only suffocate us.
Coming home we drove straight to my Granny’s house to cut a mess of greens for dinner. There is nothing in the world that feels so good as coming HOME, being with your loved ones, picking your own food and knowing you are exactly where you are supposed to be.
The loot! There is a bed of greens under all those fruits and veggies.
Per our usual Sunday night ritual Husband and I cooked a good dinner (garlic mashed potatoes, greens with peppers and onions, BBQ tofu, whole wheat biscuits and a little bit of leftovers from Granny) and watched a movie on the couch.
I loved seeing Sister and my Aunt and Missy, but this weekend so clearly showed me that our time in Charlotte is most definitely over and even though I thought I loved it here, I really don’t think I realized just how much.
We also had a visitor over for dinner (apparently he prefers the dog’s salmon food).
And we rescued our basil plant from the house and brought it to the barn.
And were visited by some UFO-like red and black cloud.
This week we have a Young Lawyer’s social, a possible bachelorette party Saturday night and then Sunday Husband and I are taking a road trip to Helen, GA for Oktoberfest. I simply cannot wait to have some alone time exploring a new place with the love of my life. It seems like it’s been a very long time since we’ve had that luxury.
Cheers to the week loves!  Hope it’s a good one!

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