Husband’s First Catch

Husband took last Sunday afternoon to fish a nearby stream with a friend from work. As he walked in the door that night a smile spread across his face as he handed me a plastic bag…
with his first catch in South Dakota.
Aren’t they beautiful?
He was so proud, and I was so proud of him. I absolutely adore cooking and eating fresh food, harvested by our own hands. There is nothing more fulfilling. 

He told me the story of how he wrestled with the big one in the middle. Of how the trout here are much bigger fighters than the ones back in NC. Of how they missed the turn to the first creek, but found a little pull off near a beautiful rock formation. And how he landed his prize fish in a deep hole under a bridge.
I couldn’t wait to celebrate his success. So the next day I set to work cooking up a celebratory dinner.

Turning to my Pinterest again I decided on Pan Fried Prosciutto Wrapped Trout with Sage & Pine Nuts. 
I breaded mine in chopped whole wheat Panko because that’s what I had on hand.

I came up with a recipe to accompany the main course of creamy lemon roasted potato & green bean salad (recipe coming tomorrow!).

The trout was so fresh, tender, and perfect paired with the buttery crunch of the pine nuts and the salty prosciutto.

The the salad popped on your tongue with the tartness of the lemon, the tang of the yogurt, and the smoothness of the roasted potatoes.

I can only hope for a weekly catch from here on out!

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