How To Style Faux Flowers + Stems


***Don’t miss part one of this two part series where I share my best tips for selecting faux florals and stems to help you achieve a realistic floral arrangement!

How To Style Faux Flowers + Stems. Brunette in black and white plaid dress arranging mixture of faux and real stems.

Choosing the faux flowers and stems is the first step, but how you style them makes a world of difference to the impact and realism of your faux floral arrangement! I’ve got three tips to help you level up your floral arranging skills and create a faux floral arrangement that wows!

Tip 1: Vary the height and dimension

To create interest in your arrangement, vary the heights and dimensions of your pieces. Start by placing your tall pieces that will add grandeur, then layer in and fill the gaps with pieces that create highlights throughout the arrangement. Over the top, big arrangements are in right now, so have some fun with it!

Tip 2: Mix in real pieces

I love to mix in some real branches or florals that maintain their look without needing water. Branches, pussy willow, and baby’s breath are great options! It’s an easy way to trick the eye into thinking the entire arrangement is real, even though it’s only a few pieces.

Tip 3: Intertwine Stems + Fluff

To give your arrangement a more organic feel, twist the stems in and around each other, intertwining them to give a true mixed feeling to it. Then take your time to separate and fluff each faux stem to make your arrangement look fuller.

Mixture of green and white faux florals and greenery

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