How To Affordably Display Art In Your Home

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Are you like me and find the art world to be very intimidating? For years my interpretations of fine art and the artists that created the pieces involved the snobbish elitists of society with more money than they had sense. Then a couple of years ago, on a hot summer day in the South of France, Nice to be exact, that all changed.

Literally a day dreams are made of because after having been separated from my husband for months thanks to a military assignment, we were giving the chance to enjoy a vacation, kid free, in one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been. Anyway, my husband thought it would be fun to visit the Chagall museum. I’ll admit it didn’t sound very intriguing. All I wanted to do was wear a pretty dress, drink rose, and eat lots of French food – so the idea of renting bikes, sweating our way up to the top of the hill to the museum, and walking through a boring exhibit really didn’t sound appealing.

Listen to me when I say this experience was one of the biggest ah ha moments I’ve had in life. We rented the headphones and listened to the self guided tour of the history and thought behind the pieces. Guys, I felt like my eyes had been opened. The veil was lifted on the intrigue of art. I became obsessed with diving deeper into the experience of art. The behind the scenes of how they came to be. The technique the artists used to create them. All that to say, I get it now.

Problem is, the part about art involving money is still true. I understand more about WHY the pieces are priced the way they are, but the reality is financially for us, spending that kind of money on what would essentially be a piece of home decor isn’t really justifiable. But because I was now in deep with this newfound love of art, I began to research how to make it possible. So this is what I’ve pulled together to help us all bring art into our homes in affordable and sometimes creative ways. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 about art covering free printable art resources, and how to introduce your kids to art!

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