Honorary Alumni

My college experience was an interesting one. Interesting as in not typical. Instead of waking up at the crack of dawn on Saturdays, sporting my best school colored outfit and spending the day tailgating before cheering on our team, the only time I woke up at the crack of dawn was Monday through Friday to work the 30+ hours I was scheduled on top of my 18 hour school schedule.
I don’t have many fond memories of funny roommate stories, except for when I lived with Husband and two other guy roommates my senior year. THAT was an experience! I never lived in a dorm or on campus for that matter. I was never really “proud” of my alma mater or connected in any way.
But oddly enough I have adopted a school and decided I am an honorary alumni. A school that was actually the only college I applied to until I decided I needed to be in a bigger city.  Also the school that I seriously contemplated transferring to (when Lu decided to) but unfortunately decided against in lieu of more promising job opportunities.
I can’t say that I would have gotten the internship or job I ultimately landed, and I happened to meet a special blue eyed boy right after my decision to stay, but I can’t tell you how many times I have deeply regretted missing out on the awesome college experience of Appalachian State University.
Fortunately for me all but a few of my closest friends are ASU graduates and I get to enjoy all of their homecoming festivities.  This weekend we are heading up to our friend Drew’s cabins for our second annual bash full of friends, football, food and of course refreshing beverages. I’m stoked with anticipation.
So to copy my best friend Liz’s post idea, I’m taking a few moments to remember last year’s awesomeness.  Happy homecoming to all you Boonies!

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