Homesick For A Day


My mind keeps telling me it’s a homesick feeling but more likely nostalgia is a better description for this longing I can’t help but feel for a day this past summer when all seemed right in the world. I’ve blogged about it before but I’m not sure that I quite captured the feeling of absolute perfection that it was and thus the reason that it plagues my emotions screaming in desperation for a re-do.

It was a day without Husband unfortunately, but like most times when my soul needed a calming solution I turned to Cliz. We spent that Saturday at the farm piddling around, building a chicken coop and really doing a lot of nothing. But with Van Morrison tunes pouring from the radio, echoing through the beautiful farm house, the cold sweat from icy beers cooling our hands and an afternoon when it seemed like time had stopped for the simple reason of letting us relish in the awesomeness of summer…it was a day I will remember forever.

The sun slowly started to set over the farm land as we cruised around on the mule sipping on delicious ruby red sangria, the golden sun beams illuminating the endless fields in the most glorious light, before ending the night dining on buttery grilled salmon and feeding our souls with conversation.

I can’t tell you how many times since then I’ve tuned my Pandora to the Van Morrison station begging for it to recreate that day of perfection. I’m loving life right now and couldn’t be more excited for Fall but every time I hear a Van song my heart aches for that day. A day that lives in my memory as Summer 2011.

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