So funny story (not so funny at all), about the time hubs got me a kick-butt new camera my computer decides to take a nose dive. We’re talking two solid hours to upload pictures from my memory card into a folder, then leaving my computer running all night just to import them into Lightroom. And that’s not covering actually editing, exporting, and then uploading to Blogger.
You can imagine why blog posts have not been happening.
And I have A LOT of pictures I want to share. 
So I spent, literally, the past two weeks trying to break the task of getting some ready to post into a few hour-long sessions that I could afford. So you can expect at least a few posts coming up. 
We’re planning on buying a new computer. I’m not sure what’s going on. This one is a Mac Book Pro I bought just like 3.5 years ago, and I’ve cleaned it off as much as possible, as in EVERYTHING is stored on an external harddrive so this puppy has no excuse not to work. 
So let’s step back into time. Shall we say May? I won’t type my normal long post. We had a cookout at my friend Mary’s then hosting a Biko De Mayo riding our bikes from her house into downtown, and doing our own little pub crawl. 
*Little note to military folks. When you are checking for damages after your move, don’t forget to check your bikes. Turns out mine has a warped wheel and the handlebars have been knocked loose from the front wheel. You can imagine how easy it was to stay upright after a few (or zero) beers!

1 – 2 – 3 – Tequila!!!

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