Hazmat Suits

In the summer bees beard when they are hot.  Basically that means they hang on the outside of their hives fanning the inside to keep cool…and it looks like a beard.

Husband jumped at the chance to join his mother in visiting the bees so he donned a bee suit (or hazmat as I like to call them) and went to business.

Getting some instruction on how to approach the hive.
Typically my MIL smokes the bees (the bees think the hive is in danger and gorge themselves on their honey to save it, thus leaving themselves lethargic, thus helping prevent an attack) but since it was an impromptu visit, she went with a little sugar water instead.

REALLY wish I had a zoom lens!
Husband took my camera in for a bird’s eye view of this little beauties.

For those of you keeping up, this makes Husband a cow, fish AND bee handler.
Like mother like son 🙂

And a day’s work is done.

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