A Green Home On A Budget With Young Living

So let’s talk real talk for a few minutes. I’ll start by addressing the elephant in the room. I’ve used the word “budget” in the title of this post alongside the name of an essential oil company whose oils easily cost 2-3 times that of the ones you find in your local health food store or on Amazon. Though it may seem a little oxymoronic, if you’ll stick with me here, I will explain how we are able to fully stock our house with safe, non-toxic health, beauty and home products, from what most would consider an expensive retailer, for a very affordable $100 a month (can you imagine taking care of all of your healthy, beauty and home needs for just $100 a month???) or LESS. And that is not including the awesome free products and money you can earn towards your purchases making your green living dreams come true at an even cheaper cost. 

The Basics

The basic offering of Young Living is their amazing oils. Not only do they have the largest selection of single oils and blends on the market, they are the only essential oil company around with a Seed to Seal guarantee, giving you the assurance that the oils you are buying and using are held to the industry’s highest standards from the very seeds that are planted (on mostly YL owned farms) to the bottled product. 100% pure, with no sketchy labeling benefiting from poor labeling laws. They cost more than the products you find online or in health food stores, because they do not contain additives, carrier oils, and fragrances, meaning they are more potent, so a little goes a long way to achieve the results you are seeking from your oils. 

Beyond The Basics

What most don’t know is that Young Living actually offers a large variety of products beyond their oils to help you “clean up” your beauty and home cleaning arsenal. thieves2Their thieves oil has developed a sort of cult following, and putting it’s unbeatable effectiveness to work, YL has developed an entire line of home cleaning products including a multi-purpose cleaner, laundry soap, cleaning wipes, fruit and veggie soak and spray, and dish soap. But because most of the oils serve so many purposes, thieves is also used in health products like throat lozenges, toothpastes, mouthwash, and hand soap and sanitizer. It is truly an amazing oil that can be used to keep your home and family healthy on all fronts! Additionally you can find natural deodorants, shampoos, body wash, and anti-aging products. You can boost your health with an extensive line of supplements and some of the most powerful wellness products available. And if you have children of the furry variety, YL offers a whole line dedicated to pets. While their oils are the backbone of the company, there is so much more to explore. 

The Cost

I’m not going to lie, YL products can be expensive. It’s really hard to try to explain to someone that it’s totally doable to spend $28.75 (wholesale price) on laundry detergent, that is actually a kind of small bottle. So the big question is, how can you possibly pay those kinds of prices and still keep food on the table and roof over your head? This is what I have found to be so amazing about getting into the YL business, and no I don’t necessarily mean selling the products, although that definitely helps. I’m referring to becoming a member, getting started with a kit, benefiting from the wholesale pricing (when you become a member and order a kit you immediate receive a 24% wholesale discount good for the lifetime of your membership – which is only requires you to order $50 worth of product a year to keep), and joining the Essential Rewards program to supplement that awesome discount with cash back you earn on the purchases you are already making, resulting in free products. 

$100 (or less) A Month For A Green Home

If you decide to extend your love of YL products into a business, in order to qualify for the commissions on your downline you will be required to place a 100PV Essential Rewards order each month. img_0876At first this can sound like a lot, and many start off wondering how on earth they can find that much product to even order every month. This is where you can really work the system to set up your home, health and beauty arsenal in a way that is safe, non-toxic, and actually healthy for your whole family (pets included). 

I will speak from how I personally use this order each month. In my 100PV (generally 1PV = $1), I include any oils I need to restock (oils like lavender, thieves, purification, and lemon go quickly in our house), any cleaning products I am running low on (the Thieves cleaner seems to last forever, but with potty training we have been blowing through laundry detergent), and any health or beauty products I need (I love the Thieves Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste, and this month I’m trying out the Thieves lozenges in anticipation of cooler weather and the accompanying sniffles and coughs). More often than not I could easily go over the 100PV, but I try to keep it pretty close to stay on a budget. 

If you think about what you spend each month on these types of products in the store you might be surprised to find $100 really doesn’t seem like that much. Because these YL products serve so many uses, you don’t need 50 different products to cover all your needs. Thieves cleaner alone can handle the vast majority of your cleaning needs (even laundry – just use a capful or 2 in place of your normal detergent!). Your cleaning products cabinet clears out to just a few products, your medicine cabinet greatly reduces to a beautiful array of colorful bottles of natural oils, and even your beauty cabinet streamlines. 

But I don’t actually spend $100 a month.

But you just said you are required to place a 100PV order, what gives?

When I first received my kit and started using the oils, I had no intention of making this a business. I hate the idea of selling, I hate “pyramid” companies, and I hate being invited to the endless “parties” for products I will never use. Oddly, as I started using the oils and products, my love for them became really easy to share naturally. Most of the time I didn’t even have to talk about them, people saw me using them, smelled them in our home, or knew I used them somehow and CAME TO ME wanting to learn more. My first 17 members happened out of nowhere. And all of a sudden, even though I never planned to make it a business, a business was forming without much work on my part at all. 

When I really applied myself to growing my downline my commission each month more than covered my required monthly 100PV order. And even now, although we have been extremely busy and my little business has had to take a seat on the back burner, I still receive enough in commissions to cover 2/3 of my monthly cost. 

That means I am stocking my house with some of the best green living products out there, for around $30 or less each month. 

But wait there’s more! Sorry this is becoming such a sale-sy post guys. I really want to fully explain this. 

I have been on the Essential Rewards program for over a year now. It is YL’s loyalty program where you can earn cash back on your orders as long as you place a minimum order each month (which you will already be doing if you start building a downline). The current rate is 10% back on your ER order for months 1-6, 15% back for months 7-12, and 20% back for months 13 and beyond. That means each month I am earning a minimum of 20PV back each month to use for future purchases. Remember that most often 1PV = $1, so that is $20 a month back, on top of whatever I earn in my commissions. At this rate I am basically getting my monthly order free no matter what.

Starting September 1 the rate gets even better with 10% back for months 1-3, 20% for months 4-24, and 25% for months 24+! 

How We Use The Products

YL4BeautyOn a daily basis I use a homemade face serum (made with sacred frank, cedarwood, patchouli, geranium, myrrh and two different carrier oils) as my moisturizer. I alternate between the YL deodorant and a homemade deodorant spray (made with purification, tea tree, lemon, lavender, witch hazel, magnesium oil and water). I use the Thieves Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste and mouthwash. In our shower we either use a YL body wash, or I make a version using grapeseed and coconut oil mixed with castile soap and whatever oils I want. I use rosemary oil in my shampoo for a healthy scalp. And Will and I both use the oils for cologne and perfume. 

We use the Thieves laundry soap for all of our laundry, the Thieves cleaner around the house, and if I am on top of things I make homemade cleaning wipes with thieves and lemon. 

We make homemade bug spray (made with purification, thieves, peppermint and citronella), and diffuse oils in our home both to keep it smelling good and also to benefit from the properties of the oils (many oils are great mood lifters, they are great to help us and Aubrey sleep well at night, and thieves has been proven to kill 99.9% of the bacteria floating around in your home). I also use the protein powder in my smoothies.

Even Aubrey asks on a daily basis for a dab of some kind of oil on her neck each day.

We really couldn’t imagine our lives without our oils, and more specifically Young Living. 

The Bottom Line

I love not having to think about whether the products I’m using are safe and healthy for me and my family. And even though they cost a little more than what I would normally buy, through the ER program and the commissions from my downline I get a nice discount to offset, or completely take care of the cost. Meaning I get superior products for reasonable prices, and a happy toxin-free home as a result!

Essential Rewards

If by the grace of God you have made it this far in this post and are interested in learning more, please shoot me an email, or Facebook message, or text, or smoke signals! I can help you work towards the same goal. In the meantime, you can order your kit and get started here, and read a little more about Essential Oils on my page here


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