Gratitude Bonus Round 5

There are two things I thank God for every night. Husband and the dogs. I guess technically that is three things, but who’s counting?
Husband will most definitely get his own post later, but today I want to express my unimaginable thankfulness for our dogs.

Dogs just make life awesome.

It’s hard to describe the endless joy and happiness, and richness, that they bring to Husband and I’s lives.

I sometimes look into Jeannie’s eyes and it’s like I can feel her in my soul. Those big brown eyes are so full of love it almost brings me to tears at times.

I look into Jim’s eyes too. Of course, but as anyone who knows him can attest, there’s not a lot going on in there 🙂


Jim, is a whole other type of love. He’s a cuddly teddy bear, head in your lap, just want to nuzzle your face into his velvety soft fur, can’t get enough of his hilarious personality and stunning beauty type of love.

Anyway, we are pretty smitten with these furry chilrens of ours, and so thankful they made their way into our lives.

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