Gratitude Bonus Round 4

Sundays always meant a ridiculously large home cooked meal at my Granny’s, and an afternoon nap to try to sleep off the resulting food coma. 
So today, I thought it was appropriate to dedicate this gratitude post to one of the things I love most in this world.
Today I’m thankful for food.
I realize that may sound a bit silly. Everybody loves food right?
But food has become something much more in my life. In part, because thanks to its wonderful healing nutrients I found relief from health issues that had plagued me for years, that no medicine had been able to help.

But mainly because food as given me a passion to love and to pursue.

A focus for my photography.

A pastime to share with my friends and family.

And the warmth that can only come from true comfort food, or creating that perfect masterpiece in the kitchen, or watching your loved ones enjoy every bite of something you’ve cooked, or the richness and interest it gives to what could otherwise be just another meal. 

May this Sunday be filled with all the splendors of the table you can imagine!

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